Custom Shoots

I offer custom clips for those who wish to see me doing something specific.  Feel free to send in a script suggestion, a sample, a story or an idea for your custom shoot and any particular scenes you would like to see.  These clips can either be with you as the star or with one of my colleagues.  The cost of these clips will be negotiated once we have established the finer details.  Send me an email with the specific details and I will be in contact with you. *


Filming Opportunities


I sometimes have use for a **Stud** partner or several of them in filming or photo projects that I am working on.  These positions will usually suit those who have broadminded interests the best.   All limits are respected, preference is obviously given to those who have broader boundaries.  A shoot can last anything from one to several hours, depending on the style of shoot I am doing. 


I always retain the copyrights to any of the material we produce.

Therefore, on the day of filming you will be required to sign a model release form and produce a photo ID - this is imperative!  A lack of either of these will result in you being sent home with no filming.  Don't say you haven't been told about this.


** PRIORITY is given to film actors that will perform UN-MASKED**   Yes, I enjoy seeing the look of ecstasy on your face just as much as those who are viewing my clips.


If you are interested in filming with me please send me details of your do's and don'ts or make a regular appointment and visit me to discuss the details.

 * I understand there is a fee for filming / custom clips

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